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Oscar Wilde photograph from family album to go to auction

Unpublished photo of a young Wilde is part of Guinness family album expected to fetch up to €8,000 at auction in October

Dressed in tweed plus-fours, with a slightly wistful smile on his face, a young Oscar Wilde leans against the steps of Ashford Castle in 1878 in a previously unpublished photograph found in a family album.

Wilde was part of a shooting party October 1878 at Ashford Castle in County Mayo, Ireland. He was 23 at the time, and had studied at Oxford University for four years, earning a first-class degree in the “greats”. According to Frank Harris’s biography, in the Trinity term of 1878 Wilde won the Newdigate prize for English verse for his poem Ravenna Its recitation in the Sheldonian theatre that June “was the literary event of the year in Oxford”.

The photograph was found in a red Morocco album from the 1870s that had belonged to Lady Ardilaun, who is part of the Guinness family. The album, which also contains “numerous cartes-de-visite portraits, groups, houses and scenery”, is expected to fetch up to €8,000 (£6,200) at auction next month at Slane Castle, in County Meath, by Adam’s Auctioneers.

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"Here in the U.S. apples generally ripen between August and September. They pick the apples when they’re slightly unripe, treat them with a chemical called 1-methylcyclopropene, wax them, box them, stack them on pallets, and keep them in cold storage warehouses for an average of 9-12 months."

"In fact, the development and use of 1-MCP has made it common for apples to sit even longer in cold storage."

"According to Martin Lindstrom…the average [U.S.] supermarket apple is 14 months old."

Your Apples Are a Year Old

Photos: Jane Stevens 

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Windows ha la capacità di lanciarti gli aggiornamenti in momenti tipo: sta arrivando un meteorite e devo cercare un bunker su google maps.